House rules


These house rules apply to all guests of FLORIA GLAMPING GARDEN (hereinafter: the camp) and to all other persons who happen to be in the camp area. They are visibly displayed at the camp reception.



  • A guest who has a booking confirmation must adhere to the arrival and departure times indicated on the booking. If the guest wishes to check in earlier or check out later than the time indicated on the booking, they may be charged a fee.
  • During the first check-in at the reception, the guest will be informed about the personal data processing that is carried out only to the extent necessary for meeting the legal obligations.
  • The calculation and payment of the accommodation services used can be done on the departure day, while other services used will be paid immediately after using them.



  • Camping is allowed only in the area designated for camping.
  • The space for setting up camping equipment and parking of vehicles (RVs) is determined by the camp staff depending on the available camping plots. In case the guest wishes to move, they must consult with the camping staff.
  • Parking (shorter and longer) of vehicles on the roads in the camp is not allowed.
  • Washing cars, changing engine oil on vehicles, etc. are not allowed in the camp.
  • Before leaving the camp, the camper must restore the plot to its original condition.



  • The pool is available to guests daily from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m.
  • Showering is mandatory before entering the pool.
  • Persons having a skin or contagious disease, those with open wounds, as well as non-swimmers and people under the influence of alcohol and narcotic drugs, are prohibited from using the pool. Food, beverages, and pets are not permitted in the pool.
  • Running, jumping, pushing, using fins, masks, and other equipment are prohibited in the pool complex 
  • Children under the age of 12 may not use the pool without supervision



  • Use of electrical appliances (stoves, refrigerators, air conditioners, etc.) that are not standardised for camping use is prohibited.
  • Washing dishes and laundry is allowed only in designated areas.
  • We kindly ask guests not to take towels, linen, and deck chairs from the glamping unit to the pool.
  • During the stay, the guest is obliged to treat the inventory with care. The guest must report a malfunction or breakage, which the staff will subsequently charge depending on the amount of the damage.
  • Handling and use of the Grill Zone is at own risk. It can be used until 9 p.m. 



  • Guests are required to take care of their property and belongings in the camp.
  • Guests in glamping units have a safe at their disposal. Please leave the safe open when leaving your accommodation unit.
  • If you have found items left behind, please hand them over to the reception staff immediately.
  • The camp assumes no responsibility for missing or damaged items owned by the camp guests or for accidents or injuries at the camp due to personal negligence.



  • Leaving and disposing of solid waste outside the designated containers is prohibited. 
  • Guests are obliged to maintain order and cleanliness in the camp, as well as to protect the plantations and greenery.
  • Leave the used areas in sanitary blocks, the grill zone, laundry room, and other common facilities as you would like to find them.
  • Hammering nails or causing any other damage to the trees, enclosing the area in which you are staying, or performing any construction work in the area are prohibited.PUBLIC ORDER AND PEACE IN THE CAMP
  • Guests must respect the public order and peace in the camp.
  • Setting up tents and awnings is allowed from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m.
  • We kindly ask guests not to make noise that may disturb other guests, including the use of radios, TVs, and musical instruments. Peace and quiet in the camp are mandatory from 11 p.m. to 7 a.m., except in cases when various events are organised in the camp.
  • The maximum speed for vehicles moving through the camp is 20 km/h. 
  • Pedestrians have the right of way in the camp.



  • Smoking is prohibited inside the accommodation units.
  • Lighting a fire outdoors is prohibited by law due fire risks, and grilling is allowed only in the designated common area in the camp.
  • Bringing flammable fuels, explosives, etc. into the camp is prohibited.
  • The camp has firefighting equipment and fire extinguishers to be used by emergency teams, and guests can extinguish the fire with the fire extinguishers located at several locations in the camp.



  • Guests who are pet owners are obliged to register their pets at the reception and present their vaccination card. Pet owners must keep dogs on a leash, and in areas in which they stay they must make sure that their pets cannot disturb other guests of the camp. The owners must clean up after their pets. Failure to comply with this point will be subject to fines.
  • Visits are allowed only with proper registration at the reception. 
  • The guest can report any damages, faulty installations and equipment, and any non-compliance with the house rules to the reception staff of the camp.
  • The occurrence of an infectious disease must be reported at the reception, in which case guests cannot use the common facilities used by other guests of the camp (pool, wellness, jacuzzi, common sanitary facilities, and bar).



  • The guest must comply with all the provisions of these house rules of the camp.
  • If non-compliance with the prohibitions stipulated by the house rules is found, the camp management may cancel the camp accommodation for the guest in default.
  • The guest will be obliged to compensate for the damage in case of cancelled accommodation.

Any comments and complaints can be sent to our mail:

For all other information please contact the camp reception.


Floria Glamping Team