Named after eight native Istrian plants planted at the entrance to the glamping tents in an irresistible combination of the melodic name of the peninsula, which can also be heard in the name of the camp itself. The unforgettable experience is enriched by the view of vineyards stretching all the way to the sea, blending with the azure-coloured sky.


4-person glamping tent overlooking the camp

Supreme Jacuzzi

2-person glamping tent with a jacuzzi

Supreme with pool

2-person glamping tent with a pool

Supreme Albia with pool

2-person glamping tent with a pool

Glamping Pitches

Floria Glamping Garden’s guests are offered seven pitches for campers with all the necessary infrastructure to enjoy nature in a luxurious way. With 100 to 120 square metres of space, located at the quiet part of the glamping ground with access to all camping amenities, Floria Glamping Garden Pitches offer their guests a modern holiday home with native Istrian elements.

Within the camper zone, there is a post for emptying WC cassettes. This post is designed to avoid contact with potentially dirty surfaces (it is activated by a pedal) and ensures that there is no leakage of liquid when emptying the cassette. It is also equipped with a tap for rinsing the cassette.

In the camp, there are three heated sanitary units. The female and male sanitary units each have two shower cabins and two sinks. While the female sanitary unit has three toilets, the male sanitary unit has two toilets and a urinal. In addition to the male and female sanitary units, there is also a sanitary unit adapted for people with disabilities. The sinks in all sanitary units are equipped with the modern Dyson Airblade Wash & Dry system.