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Booking process and payment – Terms of use

Floria Glamping Garden must confirm availability before confirming any reservations. Upon confirming a reservation, we require a part or full payment of the reservation unless stated otherwise upon confirmation. Your reservation is not confirmed until payment for the reservation has been received by us. The client will then be issued with a booking confirmation where the exact service booked, the period, the methods of payment (bank transfer or credit card) and exact amounts of deposit and bank account information are shown . If more persons come to the booked accommodation than stated on the travel documents (booking confirmation), the service provider reserves the right to deny accommodation to unannounced guests or to accept such guests at an extra charge on the spot. By paying for their booking, guests confirm that they are fully acquainted with all the characteristics and General terms of provision of accommodation services under which a specific accommodation unit has been offered to them. By paying for their booking, guests confirm that they accept the General terms of provision of accommodation services. By paying for the booked services, all that is stated therein in itself becomes legally binding for both the guests and the company Floria Glamping Garden.


Booking confirmations

No reservation is confirmed unless the client has received a booking confirmation from Floria Glamping Garden. Booking confirmations will be sent via channel manager, email, or post on receipt of part or full payment unless stated otherwise.


Prices stated on our website are a guide only.  Exact prices for a specific property will be confirmed by us upon inquiry. Floria Glamping Garden reserves the right to amend any prices stated on the website at any time. Prices quoted are for accommodation only, and any extras are not included in the stated price and will consequently be charged to the client as appropriate.


Currency and exchange rates

All prices and currencies stated on the website will be charged in Euro (€ / EUR).


Payment procedure

Payment terms as specified at the time of booking. No accommodation will be provided at check-in unless we have received cleared funds. Failure to pay in accordance with the agreed terms and conditions may result in retraction of reserved accommodation.

Payment methods

Floria Glamping Garden accepts the following methods of payment: bank-to-bank transfer to our account, online payment and in cash upon guests arrival (in the case of partly payed reservation). Floria Glamping Garden has chosen WSPay Payment Services (i.e., Payment Service Provider) to secure online payments by bank card. The Customer’s credit card is examined for its validity by these partners and can be refused for several reasons: card stolen or blocked, limit reached, input error, etc. In the event of any problem, the Customer will have to approach his/her bank and the Establishment or any other entity to confirm his/her reservation of the Service and payment method.

The online payment methods available and mentioned on the Site’s payment page may be Visa, Mastercard, Diners, and Maestro. This list is subject to change.

Bank Transfers

When sending a remittance, please quote our booking reservation number/reservation name. A copy of the bank transfer request should be emailed to us. All bank charges must be paid for by the client. The full balance for accommodation costs must be received after all relevant bank charges are made. International bank transfers will incur fees, so please discuss this with your bank prior to commencing payment.

VAT (Value Added Tax)

Unless otherwise stated, VAT will be included in the quoted price within your reservation total. Floria Glamping Garden reserves the right to adjust the quoted rates should local legislation oblige us to alter the application or change the rate of VAT. If you have any concerns, please contact us.

Security Deposit

Upon confirming a reservation, we may require a security deposit to be given either prior to arrival or upon check-in. A security deposit may either be provided in cash or by means of securing the value in question on a debit/credit card. The security deposit value will be quoted to you beforehand and will depend on the length of stay and the accommodation/services booked.

Floria Glamping Garden’s right to changes and cancellation

Floria Glamping Garden is obliged to ensure accommodation to guests in the booked accommodation units, at the booked period, apart from in exceptional circumstances beyond its control (war, riots, strikes, terrorist actions, sanitary disruptions, pandemics, adverse weather conditions, local authority restrictions and similar). Floria Glamping Garden can suggest changes to the booked accommodation or to fully or partly cancel booked capacities if prior to, or during the holiday period, exceptional circumstances beyond its control should occur and which cannot be avoided or removed. If such circumstances occurred at the time of programme posting and sale, the Floria Glamping Garden  would, justifiably, not post it or receive enquiries or confirmations of booking of the said accommodation units. Should guests pay the full amount for bookings which the Floria Glamping Garden cannot fulfill (online or due to incorrect offer), guests will be offered an alternative. If the Floria Glamping Garden is able to offer guests an alternative, the change of the booked accommodation can be carried out only with the guests’ approval. The offered alternative must be of the same or higher quality as the booked accommodation. In the event that a guest accepts the alternative offered and if it is more expensive, he/she is obliged to pay the difference. If the alternative is less expensive, Floria Glamping Garden will reimburse the guest with the difference in price. Floria Glamping Garden  is obliged to advise all guests who have confirmed their arrival by paying for the booked services of any change in the booking or cancellation, immediately following the occurrence of exceptional circumstances beyond its control and, failing to find an alternative accommodation, reimburse them the amounts paid, reduced by company administrative costs.

Guests’ right of travel change and cancellation

All booking changes are possible to make with the reservation centre of Floria Glamping Garden directly by contacting them by e-mail.  A change includes changes in the number of persons or the date of the start and/or end of service consumption prior to the commencement of service consumption. The first booking change is free, and each subsequent change is charged at 25 € per change. In the event that a change of booking is not possible and if a guest should, as a result, withdraw the confirmed booking, the cancellation terms and conditions listed in the booking confirmation will be applicable.

Any cancellations will be subject to a cancellation fee as follows:

  • Free cancellation up to 15  days before arrivals
  • Cancellation 8-15 days before arrival will be charged 70%
  • Cancellation fee 1-7 days before arrival or No Show will be charged  100%

The credit card provided at the time of booking will be charged for the entire stay.

  • If you book a non-refundable stay, the booking cannot be canceled or changed without charge. Full stay charges apply.

Traveler’s obligations

A guest is obliged to:

  • hold valid travel documents. Bear any cost of document loss or theft during the journey
  • respect the Republic of Croatia customs and foreign currency regulations, as well as of those countries in which a guest stays in the course of his/her journey
  • observe the house rules in the rented accommodation unit, as well as cooperate with the service providers in good faith

Should guests fail to observe the above obligations, they will bear the costs, and will be held responsible, for the damage caused. Upon confirmation of the booking, guests are obliged to, should they cause any damage, compensate the service provider for any damage caused on the spot.


Check-in and Check-out

Check-in time is from 2 till 6 PM, and check-out time is from 8 till 10  AM. Any request for alterations to these check-in and check-out times will be considered by Floria Glamping Garden on a purely discretional case-by-case basis.


Arrivals and departures

The client must arrive on the date specified upon confirmation. If a guest fails to reach the booked accommodation unit by midnight on the date of the commencement of the service and did not previously contact Floria Glamping Garden  the reservation will be deemed as a ‘no show’, and any charges due in connection with the reservation of that date shall be forfeited in full in our favor and shall not be refundable in any way. The client must depart on the date set out in the confirmation issued by Floria Glamping Garden.


Security Deposit

Credit card imprints may be required on or before arrival to cover the cost of any key deposit or extras. Any extras must be settled in full prior to the client’s departure. Clients should be aware that they will be liable for any damage or breakages caused whilst in the accommodation. The security deposit will be returned in full to the client within seven (7) days of the end of your stay, provided there have been no breakages or damage to the accommodation by the guest.


Breakages and damages

The client named on the reservation confirmation is directly responsible for all breakages and damage to the accommodation caused by the client or its guests. If there are breakages or damage unnoticed at the time of check-out, we will notify the client by email within seven (7) days of the client leaving, providing a detailed breakdown of the issues and the costs of rectifying them.


Resolving complaints and reclamations

Each guest – holder of the Floria Glamping Garden guest Contract – has the right to complain in the event of unfulfilled contractual service. In the event that the services from the offer are provided in a poor quality manner, guests may request proportional compensation in the manner that they submit a written complaint and and reclamation. Each guest has the right to complain about an undelivered paid service. Each guest – holder of the confirmed booking – submits his/her complaint and reclamation individually. Guests are obliged to, on the date of their arrival, immediately report inadequate service to the Floria Glamping Garden. Guests are obliged to cooperate with Floria Glamping Garden in good faith in order to remove the causes of complaints and reclamations. If guests accept the solution offered for their complaints and reclamations on the spot, which corresponds to the paid service, it will no longer be binding for the Floria Glamping Garden to subsequently accept any related complaint and reclamation. Any complaints and reclamations after the day of arrival and during the stay, the guest is obliged to report to the Floria Glamping Garden during the stay and at the latest upon departure (check out). All subsequent complaints and reclamations after departure from the facility the Floria Glamping Garden will not accept. The maximum compensation for each complaint and reclamation may amount to the cost of the part of the service which had been complained about and cannot include already consumed services, or the full service amount. Hereby the guests’ rights to be fully compensated for the entire amount of the services provided are excluded. The company cannot be held liable for possible climatic conditions or any other similar circumstances and occurrences which may make guests dissatisfied and which are not directly related to the quality of the booked accommodation units (for example, adverse weather conditions, poor beach, too great a distance between the accommodation and the public beaches, traffic congestion, theft or damage to guests’ property and similar). The Floria Glamping Garden does not accept complaints and reclamations related to bookings at specially discounted prices, so-called last minute deals. The guests and the company will attempt to solve any disputes emanating from this Contract amicably, failing which the matter will be taken for consideration before the Municipal Court in Pula, with the application of the Croatian law currently in force. The guest can send a complaint (related to the product or dissatisfaction with the company’s service) to the e-mail address booking@floria-glamping.com or send it by mail to the address Natura Verum d.o.o., Titov trg 7, 52220 Labin, Croatia, with the indication “Complaint about services and products”. In the complaint, we ask guests to state the reservation or invoice number and description of the complaint, so that the company can respond to the complaint as quickly as possible. A guest who has timely and properly informed the company about the defect and it is determined that the complaint is justified has rights in accordance with the Obligatory Relations Act, including the right to unilateral termination of the contract with a refund or replacement.